Avocados From Mexico is heading to Austin, Texas, for South by Southwest (SXSW), spreading #AvoHappiness to the festival’s 600,000-plus attendees. After the brand’s inaugural appearance in 2016, where it dominated the SXSW online conversation with the most popular hashtag, AFM is back again to connect with millennials and future star chefs.

“One of the biggest opportunities to grow demand for Avocados From Mexico is to build relationships with millennials,” says Mark Garcia, Director Food Service Marketing at Avocados From Mexico. “At SXSW, we get to engage with fans at an event where produce brands typically aren’t present. We’re reaching the next generation of food lovers when they don’t expect it, showcasing the avocado’s ability to bring happiness, nutrition and fun to any meal. And with Austin’s rich food culture as our backdrop, we’re able to partner directly with top culinary talents and the up-and-coming chefs of tomorrow at the same time.”

Beginning March 10, AFM will create a series of interactive culinary and social experiences to bring the idea of #AvoHappiness—the joy one gets from eating avocados—to life through the celebration of fun times, great food and the many reasons to love Avocados From Mexico.

The #AvoHappiness experience will be featured within the SouthBites Trailer Park, featuring the best roving restaurants from Texas and across the U.S., from March 10—18 with three unique activations:

Avo-Matic, introducing the future of foodservice—From a selection of 15 options, such as Mason Jar Avocado Salad, Avocado Bowl and Avocado Torta, guests will be able to select a custom avocado dish, prepared behind a closed “avocado” door. Using cutting-edge emotion recognition from Affectiva, the Avo-Matic will recognize guest’s emotions based on their facial cues, and as the guest’s happiness builds, the avocado door will open, releasing avocado deliciousness to enjoy. At optimal happiness level, the Avo-Matic will capture a photo of the guest that will be aggregated to a landing page. Guests can also share their photo on their social media channels using #AvoHappiness to be entered to win an ultimate concert package.  The Avo-Matic is an innovative platform utilizing technology to create customized avocado recipes delivered in a unique way.

Park Takeover, spotlighting unique avocado usage—As the host of the SouthBites Food Truck Park, AFM will work with both established chefs and rising names in the ever-expanding food truck industry to incorporate fresh avocados into their menus through innovative and delicious ways. Participating vendors include purveyors of lobster, ice cream and more, so visitors can expect to enjoy avocados in new and surprising preparations.

Guac Bar, tapping into the customization trend—To round out the avo-experience at SouthBites, AFM will be providing made-to-order guacamole samples from a customized, vintage Airstream.

In addition to the SouthBites Food Truck Park, AFM will host a VIP culinary event on March 14 at Collide ATX. James Beard nominated chefs will be showcasing the year-round availability and menu inspiring versatility of fresh Avocados From Mexico via a four course meal. Professional Chef attendees and select VIP’s from SXSW’s Food Track will enjoy this #AvoHappiness event featuring fresh avocados in every dish.

AFM is also partnering with Tabasco to bring TAVO samples, half an avocado with Tabasco drizzled on top, to festival-goers at El Naranjo on popular Rainey St. March 12—17 from 12—4 p.m. The TAVO Bar will give fans a chance to try the creamy, spicy combination of the two iconic brands while they are on the go.

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