Perhaps the difference between an ordinary Italian restaurant and a Tuscan inspired trattoria is a matter of detail. For a Cherry Hill, Il Villaggio, New Jersey Italian restaurant, Liquid Elements, artfully poured floors, was able to help transform their restaurant into a Tuscan retreat.

“From the moment I acquired the restaurant, I knew I needed to replace the carpet and garden; I knew that a new floor would give the room a whole new look, one that represented the style of the rest of the restaurant,” says owner Andi Lelaj.

Il Villaggio’s main banquet and dining area had a Tuscan courtyard atmosphere, with classically archedwindows peering into the space, countryside portraits, marble styled walls and in the center of his eloquent dining space was a garden. Unfortunately for Andi, it also included a worn, out dated carpet.

Wanting to upgrade his banquet floors to match the style of the rest of his old world European décor, Andi worked with the design team at Liquid Elements to give his restaurant the flooring makeover it desperately needed.

The Liquid Elements installation crew, removed the carpet and prepared the substrate by grinding it to a smooth surface. Smooth Duo, in the rich Brisbane Bisque color was installed on to the newly prepped surface. The installers, then hand tooled the floor to obtain a refined marble finish.

The result was a success. The new Smooth Duo floor not only gave Il Villaggio an upgraded and elegant new look, but it also created an easier to clean environment for the staff.

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