According to research firm Mintel, high quality beverages such as super-nutritional juices and smoothies are driving beverage sales. As customers look for healthier menu options, smoothies are piquing interest for their convenience, dietary benefits, and customization opportunities. Knouse Foods highlights ways chefs and operators can tap into this trend utilizing applesauce to create real fruit smoothies that are flavorful and nutritious.

 Perfect as a snack, to-go offering, or as a complement to any meal, these smoothies are made with wholesome applesauce, apple juice, fruit, and spices. A few refreshing recipe ideas perfect for summer menus:

  • Apple Smoothie: The fresh crisp taste of applesauce is combined with creamy vanilla non-fat yogurt and banana. Top with wheat germ for added texture.
  • Harvest Blend Smoothie: Frozen cranberries and vanilla yogurt are mixed with apple pie spice or ground ginger for an added boost of flavor.
  • Apple Berry Plus Smoothie: Applesauce is blended with a frozen berry blend and flaxseed oil to create a nutritious refreshing beverage.

“Customers are trading up on the quality of the beverages they select, opting for more inventive healthy offerings,” says Todd Michael, foodservice sales director for Knouse Foods. “Applesauce is a great way for chefs to create a variety of on-trend beverages that meet demand for signature drinks, like smoothies, and promote wellness without sacrificing flavor.”


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