Half of American restaurant-goers admit to experiencing "Food Envy" – feelings of jealousy, remorse or insecurity – about how their order compares to those around them when they dine out, according to a recent survey conducted by Applebee's restaurants, America's favorite neighborhood grill and bar.

Applebee's has cured this age-old conundrum with the launch of Take Two. Guests can now sample two of Applebee's new Fresh Flavors of Summer selections, mixing and matching as they please, for one low price.

"We've all been there," says Becky Johnson, Applebee's senior vice president of Marketing and Culinary. "You order your favorite, go-to menu item. Then, a delicious-looking entrée is placed not in front of you, but the person next to you and jealousy sets in. Our solution is Take Two. Pick your staple, then experiment with something new. Take that, 'Food Envy.'"

With Take Two, gone are the worries of committing to something new, ordering the same thing as the person next to you or stealing a taste from your companion's plate.

The survey also revealed interesting facts where Millennials are concerned. As a whole, this group reported the most order angst when dining out; 60 percent of Millennials (ages 18-29) admit to experiencing "Food Envy." More than half of Millennials order last at a restaurant so they can see what others order first. Millennial women have it the worst, with 70 percent reporting they experience "Food Envy" on a regular basis.



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