Applebee’s, America’s number one date night destination, is taking the role of “wingman” to the next level, just in time for National Wing Day and National Lipstick Day today. The nation’s leading casual dining brand, Applebee’s, has partnered with makeup and skincare brand, Winky Lux, to launch Saucy Gloss – a collection of four lip glosses inspired by Applebee’s wing sauces, to make your kisses more craveable.


To celebrate the launch, and get date night hopefuls in the mood, Applebee’s is releasing the make out song of the summer, “Taste My Face,” with the first-of-its-kind dateable music video shot by A-list director, Hannah Lux Davis. The music video features an all-single ensemble and their Instagram handles, so those looking for love can ‘@ the cast’ to ask them out.

“Applebee’s is known for first dates and wings – which are one of our most popular menu items,” says Applebee’s Chief Marketing Officer Joel Yashinsky. “So, we partnered with the development team at Winky Lux to create these lip glosses inspired by four of our most popular wing sauces. Find your perfect shade and spice up your date night by adding a little bit of that Applebee’s flavor to make each kiss even more craveable with Saucy Gloss.”

Whether you are looking for the perfect shade and shimmer or hoping to wow your partner with a spicy surprise, Saucy Gloss is here to bring the flavor. The glosses come in four hot & saucy flavors, each representing a variety of Applebee’s fan-favorite wings. Heat up your date nights with these tasty options to choose from:

  • Get Me Hot Buffalo: Creamy coral that packs the hot buffalo spice your ex could never have handled.
  • Sweet Chile Kiss: Deep rich red kissed with a hint of fine golden chile specks that put the “mmm” in make out.
  • Be My Honey Pepper: A gorgeous golden honey-spiced gloss with shimmering flecks that’ll make you the queen bee of date night.
  • Honey BBQ-T: A shiny, smoky barbecue hue with a side of honey sweetness to make your kisses downright craveable.

“We are so excited to partner with Applebee’s in such an unexpected way,” said Natalie Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Winky Lux. “What could be more genuine and fun than spicing up a kiss with our delicious Saucy Gloss! We love adding a playful touch to everyday beauty. After all, Winky Lux is all about surprise, creating memorable experiences and sparking joy for our customers. This collaboration captures the cutting-edge product innovation and playful spirit of our brand.”

Lip gloss and wing fans can head to starting today to snatch the newest, hottest product this summer. Purchase your favorite flavor for $18 or order the 4-pc combo of delicious-ness for $65.

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