Saputo Cheese USA Inc. introduced Great Midwest Habanero Jack Cheese in 5-pound loaves, the ideal size for your back-of-house needs. The semi-soft cheese delivers a smooth texture, creamy Monterey Jack Cheese flavor and a punch of peppery habanero piquancy that lingers at the end of each bite. With the growing demand for bold, spicy flavors, Great Midwest Habanero Jack Cheese can kick up your menu and attract customer interest.

It’s no secret that spicy is an incendiary menu flavor right now. Habanero peppers are very hot—both literally and figuratively. The spicy ingredient has experienced 98.9 percent four-year growth and 13.2 percent one-year growth in menu penetration. While habanero peppers definitely pack some heat with a Scoville rating of 100,000—350,000, they are also known to have a fruity, citrus-like flavor and a floral aroma to balance some of the spice. Monterey Jack Cheese is a creamy, familiar cheese that offers a perfect canvas for the exotic flavor of habanero peppers. To achieve the unique profile of Great Midwest Habanero Jack Cheese, habanero peppers are diced and brined to preserve freshness. They are then combined with a young Wisconsin Monterey Jack Cheese that is aged just a few weeks, to achieve an ivory color and mild, creamy flavor. The result? A well-balanced semi-soft cheese with a smooth texture and a pop of distinctive habanero flavor that does not overpower a dish. Great Midwest Habanero Jack Cheese is versatile for back-of-house use.

The 5-pound loaf is easy to work with in the kitchen for slicing, shredding and storage, and the high moisture content makes it a perfect cheese for melting applications. The balanced flavor, smooth texture and excellent melting properties make Great Midwest Habanero Jack Cheese an adaptable cheese for every daypart. Whether looking to spice up your cheese plate or expand your sandwich toppings, Great Midwest Habanero Jack Cheese satisfies your patrons’ adventurous palates.

Shred it into potato dishes, top soups and salads, slice to top burgers, Panini, and wraps or get creative by adding the zesty cheese to trending dishes like avocado toast, fried chicken sandwiches or fusion-flavored tacos. Take advantage of the only restaurant daypart with sustained visit growth over the last several years2 and use it to liven up traditional breakfast dishes like egg sandwiches and hash browns or trendy ethnic options like huevos rancheros and chilaquiles.

Great Midwest Habanero Jack Cheese is an award-winning product crafted by Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers, who are trained to uphold the unparalleled standards of the nation’s premier cheesemaking state. Plus, it’s on trend to meet demand for bold, zesty flavors. Expand your menu with Great Midwest Habanero Jack Cheese today. For more information, visit 

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