Antunes, a family owned and operated company specializing in the manufacturing of foodservice equipment, recently introduced its RS-1000 Rapid Steamer.

The RS-1000’s flash steaming process ensures menu items keep their original textures, colors, flavors and nutrients — resulting in food that looks fresher and tastes better. The steamer’s design and cooking method gives operators the speed and versatility to expand their menus while enhancing food quality.

The compact unit’s two 20-ounce compartments enable operators to quickly prepare individual portions of made-to-order menu items at the same time — from vegetables and seafood to pasta and proteins. Intelligent programming automatically adjusts the steam introduced to the chamber for ideal steaming in every cycle.

Using the user-friendly touch-screen interface, a variety of menu items can be prepared quickly with the touch of a button. Recipes can also be preprogrammed into the unit, and the integrated USB con­nection allows operators to easily load new recipes as needed.

“The Rapid Steamer is our latest innovation in versatile, high-performance steaming technology,” said Steve Pytlak, Product Manager for Antunes. “Designed for operators looking to expand and enhance their menus, the RS-1000 provides a reliable steaming solution for consistent, great-tasting cuisine.”

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