Temporis, the fine-dining concept intriguing Chicago diners all summer long, officially announced its opening this fall at 933 N. Ashland. The adventurous, 20-seat tasting menu-only restaurant debuts the leadership of co-chefs Sam Plotnick and Evan Fullerton, a talented team the culinary community will soon be raving about. Latin for “the passage of time,” Temporis’ chef duo presents diners with an always-evolving modern menu changing the way diners perceive the tastes they know and love.  The co-chefs hone in on each night, each dish, and each diner with extreme precision, providing a focused experience found nowhere else.

Plotnick’s foray into the restaurant world began with a single electric crock-pot in his college dorm room. After his college discovered the hydroponic herb garden growing in his closet, Plotnick began a summer internship at Les Nomades and never looked back. Plotnick assisted Chef Chris Nugent during the opening of Goosefoot (Chicago) and continued to work at Les Nomades as Chef de Tournant under Chef Roland Liccioni. It was at Les Nomades where Plotnick met Fullerton, a Sous Chef who spent time on the west coast at La Folie under Chef Roland Passot (San Francisco) and working for Todd English in Seattle.

“While receiving guidance from mentoring chefs whose visions we helped bring to life, the idea of Temporis came from writing down ideas for our own food over the years,” says Plotnick. “We believe that inspired food translates into dishes that perfectly blend modern yet approachable, and familiar yet creative,” adds Fullerton.

Each evening in Chicago’s unassuming West Town neighborhood, Plotnick and Fullerton craft 10 to 12 dishes, each an elegant variation on a single ingredient. The chefs’ thoughtful balance of texture and flavor presents diners with a novel interpretation of the modern American palate. Temporis redefines the boundaries of seasonality, focusing on locality over exotic techniques and ingredients. Tasting menus feature beautiful, original presentations, with highlights from the opening menu including: Peach Carpaccio (Iberico, Aged Balsamic), Hamachi (Yuzu, Hazelnut, Cookie), Sunflower (Five Forms, Watercress, Chamomile), Skate Wing (Summer Squash, Goat’s Milk, Gooseberry), and more.

Guests find a sleek dining room changing subtly with time, representing the seasonality of the cuisine.  Recessed LED lighting evolves the color and ambiance of the atmosphere as the nights and seasons progress.  Once diners are seated, they’ll be delighted to find custom-built tables embedded with accompaniments used throughout the meal including herb gardens, hot rocks, frozen salt blocks, and other tools. An interactive and surprisingly accessible journey catered for an intimate room sets the modern space and dining experience apart from others.

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