Angry Crab Shack has expanded CrabLab, its proprietary technology platform to streamline training, integrate front and back-of-house operations, and enhance the guest experience. The updates made to the online portal in the first half of the year will also change the brand’s training programs in order to support the Angry Crab Shack restaurants’ expansion and employee retention.

CrabLab, the online training platform, gives Franchise Partners and employees everything they need to successfully manage the restaurant, including video training modules, standard operating procedures (SOPs), recipes, human resources and marketing materials. In order to improve Angry Crab Shack restaurants’ training process, the brand has updated its online training platform in seven ways:

  • Digital Training Support: CrabLab allows Franchise Partners, mangers and hourly employees to keep up with ongoing training through digital channels, including mobile devices.
  • Multi-Format Training Materials: The portal allows the presentation of training materials in a range of different formats, such as traditional documents, images, videos and interactive content. This variety of formats suits the different learning styles of employees of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Self-Guided Training Modules: Before and after each shift, new employees are provided time for CrabLab to either complete courses or take online tests. New employees must pass online tests to ensure that they are learning and retaining the required information.
  • Paperless Training: The progress and test results for each employee’s learning history are stored on CrabLab; no more need for paper documents in the personal folder. Franchise Partners and managers are also able to track each employee’s investment and progress in real-time through digital updates.
  • Extended Training Times: By allowing CrabLab’s self-guided training programs to be visible and available to every staff member, employees can work at their own pace if they choose to advance to the next level or explore a different position within the company. Not only is this especially helpful for those who need more time to absorb and process information, it also gives employees more control and agency over their career path.
  • Training for New Initiatives: CrabLab also contains many other self-guided learning modules for new menu rollouts, marketing initiatives, etc. This enables all employees to stay up to date on the latest menu promotions, specs, procedures, and brand development.
  • Social Networking Features: The platform also provides a social networking feature to allow Franchise Partners, managers and employees to share best practices and trouble-shoot issues across different locations.

“With our openings in London and Atlanta during Q1 of 2023, plus our expansion last year into Texas, our restaurant locations have grown by 25 percent. To help new Franchise Partners keep the Angry Crab Shack experience focused on our guests’ celebration, it is important that our training programs and tools use technology to its maximum extent,” says Brian Herskovets, Director of Franchise Operations at Angry Crab Shack. “The online portal has also streamlined our operational paperwork. Our days of carrying jam-packed binders are long gone. We find it easier to use CrabLab to store and share information with our team members, including new recipes.”

The full-service restaurant brand is leveraging CrabLab as a tool to combat labor shortages. New employees can use the restaurant’s training program modules and online tests at their own pace after their initial hands-on training by their location’s Certified Trainers. While CrabLab is still new to the Angry Crab Shack system, executives have already seen an uptick in employee inquiries about their newly developed Certified Trainer program and a Lead Training course. 32 hourly staff members have started the program that puts them on the management track, taking the pressure off of location managers to recruit and engage employees to advance within the company.

“Our self-guided CrabLab e-learning platform incentivizes and rewards our employees for staying ahead of their own self-guided training and education. We have definitely seen an increase in performance levels and pride among those who completed the Certified Trainer program. The rewards of this strategy have been immediate as we continue to expand nationally and internationally,” said Andy Diamond, President of Angry Crab Shack. “Thanks to strategic updates made to our operations and technology tools, we are continuing to see international interest in our brand.”

For the rest of the year, Angry Crab Shack will continue to build value in the brand by improving menu options for its guests, enhancing its one-of-a-kind, dine-in experience, and simplifying operations to help existing owners strengthen their franchise businesses, while attracting new Franchise Partners.

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