American Metalcraft is known for having an abundant line of creative sauce cups in virtually any style and type of material from stainless steel to porcelain. In 2015, they introduced two more styles: Black & White Melamine Stackable Sauce Cups and Colorful Organza Glass Sauce Cups.

Available in black or white matte finish, American Metalcraft’s durable Melamine Sauce Cups stack beautifully for presentation as well as storage. In addition to two colors, two styles are available in a round 2 ½ ounce size or a square 3 ounce size.

Colorful Organza Glass Sauce Cups from American Metalcraft feature organic edges that give each sauce cup its own unique look. Organza Sauce Cups are available in red, blue, white or black decorative glass. They, too, come in two styles: a 2 ½ ounce. round and a 2 ounce square.

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