Altar, the world’s first Herbal & Botanical Mood Mixer curated to be enjoyed alone or paired with fine spirits, is about to become the next big thing in the Bay Area!

In the early 1800’s, apothecaries invented the first cocktail. Mixologists experimented and evolved the craft by combining flavors and ingredients from their local gardens in an effort to create the perfect drink. In the last 200 years, the landscape has evolved and the cocktail culture has gone global opening a new era for a sophisticated, complex, and inventive beverage like Altar.

Altar is an all-natural non-alcoholic beverage masterfully blending the world’s finest and most exotic heirloom organic vegetables and fruits, single estate teas, spices, and botanicals along with a unique herbal formulation taking you on a journey beyond mind and palate. There are five flavors, also known as “moods”, in the Altar collection:  Aphrodisiac, Bliss, Chi, Chill, and Restore.

Altar offers three different applications: 

  • It is the first adult sophisticated all-natural non-alcoholic beverage, also known as an “Herbal Martini”, curated to be enjoyed at restaurants, lounges, spas, fitness centers or even at home without the alcohol.
  • It is a premium cocktail mixer curated to pair with fine spirits.  Each of the five specialty mixers has a suggested pairing with either premium Vodka, Gin, Champagne, Bourbon, Brandy, Cognac, Tequila, or Rum.
  • It is a base for mixologists and chefs to build upon to create premium spirit cocktail infusion or an incredible culinary discovery.

Each Altar ingredient is thoughtfully sought, grown, harvested, and procured in order to create the finest and purest beverage.

 “Altar embraces the concept of Considered Curation by hand selecting, nurturing, and looking after each ingredient, cultivating each flavor, engaging each tea, and thoughtfully applying each herb in an effort to create the world’s first Herbal Martini,” states Jagatjoti Khalsa, founder of Altar.

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