Allset, an online ordering platform that connects restaurants and local diners, announced the launch of its App Clip for on-spot ordering and self-checkout with Apple Pay at restaurants nationwide. The Allset App Clip allows customers to order and pay quickly and securely, resulting in a fast and seamless on-site experience.

“Allset has always been focused on providing the best possible ordering experience, and we’re excited to introduce this App Clip to make it even easier to enjoy our partner restaurants nationwide,” says Anna Polishchuk, Chief Product Officer of Allset. “The App Clip will further streamline the ordering experience customers have at a physical store while also helping them to quickly access benefits that our app has to offer.”

The App Clip loads a small part of the app experience within seconds and at the moment it is needed, to complete a specific task. By simply scanning an App Clip Code or QR Code, users can instantly view the restaurant’s menu, add items to their order, and proceed to checkout for a contactless ordering experience. The App Clip makes payment as simple as one tap as customers can seamlessly and securely pay in-app with Apple Pay, all without downloading the Allset app.

The App Clip can be found by scanning the App Clip Code, which will be distributed to all restaurant partners for free and located near the entrance or at the counter. Restaurants can also request to customize the App Clip Code color to match the restaurant’s brand or internal design. The App Clip can also be launched from Allset’s QR code signage, like posters, table tents at a counter, and tabletop stickers, available at 5,000+ locations in 40+ major cities.

“The App Clip powered by Allset helps create a frictionless on-site experience, without customers having to take up time installing a full app,” says Blake Chen, owner of Mango Mango Dessert. “Instead, the Allset App Clip makes it possible to quickly speed through ordering and checkout. These moments of delight are what the Mango Mango Dessert brand is all about.”

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