Filippo Berti, Chairman and CEO of Ali Group, announced a number of organizational changes affecting the North American market, to become effective immediately.  

The two organizations in North America (Ali Group North America and Welbilt) will merge and operate under one  brand, which will be Welbilt. “This strategic move leverages Welbilt’s strong brand reputation, significant market  presence, comprehensive customer solutions and well-established relationships particularly within the quick-service sector, with the goal of offering the most complete turnkey solutions package in the industry,” said Berti.  

The Welbilt logo has also been redesigned to reflect a fusion of both companies’ cultures.

The Corporate Executives of the newly formed North American group will be: Filippo Berti, Chairman and CEO; Bradford Willis, CFO; Rob August, Executive Vice President (with focus on sales and distribution); and Tom Hotard, Executive Vice President (with focus on operations and engineering). Current Welbilt CEO Kevin Clark will be appointed to the Board of Directors of the North American group, and will focus on special projects such as  those that will facilitate the integration of Ali Group North American companies into Welbilt. 

To ensure a seamless transition and continued leadership, the company has introduced a new Group President role. These individuals will support the Corporate Executives in overseeing the numerous companies.  

The newly nominated Group Presidents are:  

Nate Jackson 

Will Means 

Erica Motes  

Oscar Villa 

Ali Group companies outside of North America are not affected by this change. 

“This integration represents not just a merging of products and services, but a unification of our teams’ talents, expertise and vision,” Berti says. “It is a significant step towards strengthening our market position and delivering unparalleled value to our customers, setting a new standard in the industry and ensuring our continued growth and  leadership.” 

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