Tallahassee, Florida real estate development, investment, and management powerhouse, Hunter & Harp announces its latest project, Alchemy, in Midtown Tallahassee. With its blacked out windows presenting an abandoned air and its clandestine alleyway entry (a secret path shared only with a chosen few), the bar is centered on the legacy of 1920’s speakeasies, without the illegalities, naturally.

“We recently visited a number of speakeasies in metropolitan markets,” says Chad Kittrell, principal, Hunter & Harp Capital, LLC. “We identified this type of establishment as an ideal fit for Tallahassee patrons, providing an upscale and unrivaled atmosphere in the Midtown area for those who are a little more discerning about their entertainment experience."

Aspiring customers vie for entry via the online reservation system at Alchemymidtown.com. Upon arrival, guests are queried for the entry password by the stoic doorman and escorted by the knowledgeable yet straightforward hostess through an alleyway of an era gone by before stepping across the dimly lit threshold. Once past the greeting of traditional speakeasy house etiquette, vintage sconces reflect softly from mirrors while rich woods and leathers set the tone for an experience of easy refinement. The design and décor conjures up nostalgic images of bootleg liquor consumption, handcrafted family concoctions, hidden flasks, and tales of lore. Attentive bartenders monitor customers’ etiquette while creating artisanal cocktails well worth the rule following.

With the combination of successful owner/manager Alex Beltrami of Midtown Filling Station and Marc Bauer of Hunter & Harp Hospitality, the new locale promises to deliver Tallahasseans an exceptionally unique experience found in the late night scene of hip markets such as New York, San Francisco, and Seattle.

“True to the era’s cocktail culture, signature drinks include Prohibition Punch, Mary Pickford and the Sazarac” says Alex Beltrami, owner, Alchemy. “The most important house rule – speak easy – should be cautiously abided."

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