Agave & Rye, a modern Tequila and Bourbon Hall based in Covington, Kentucky, plans to bring its unique menu and one-of-a-kind dining experience, in force, to Columbus, Ohio in early May 2022. It will open its doors in both Grandview and the Short North. In Grandview, the restaurant will take over residency at the previous SPAGIO location at 1295 Grandview Ave. In the Short North, the restaurant will be found at 479 North High St. As is the case with each new Agave & Rye restaurant opening, the new Columbus locations will mark the continuation of an aggressive expansion plan come to life by independent restaurateurs Yavonne and Wade Sarber.

For the dynamic team, central Ohio is yet another way for them to serve today’s restaurant-goers in need of an adventurous escape. In particular, for co-founders Yavonne and Wade, Central Ohio feels like home, so the openings are especially endearing. The Grandview location, seating 250 guests indoors and 40 guests on an outdoor patio, will also offer front dining windows that open up to Grandview Avenue for open air dining. Meanwhile, the Short North location will seat 140 guests indoors and 90 guests on an outdoor patio.

“This is an extremely exciting expansion for Agave & Rye,” says Yavonne Sarber, Co-Founder and CEO of Agave & Rye. “For years, we’ve had fans online and in person asking when we’d be expanding throughout Ohio, and it makes us so, so happy to finally be able to announce to all those who have been waiting in Columbus: ‘We are finally here!’”

Each Agave & Rye location offers an aesthetic that is unique, honoring the city’s culture and history to create a truly personal dining experience. In visiting both the Grandview and Short North locations, diners will enjoy the same – an experience that is different from the city’s other restaurants and different from other Agave & Rye locations. Agave & Rye’s concept walks an intriguing line between fine art and street art, which gives it the feel of “urban grunge” with an eclectic mix of music that spans everything from 80’s pop hits to today’s essential tracks. Additionally, every space is customized with fine details to ensure guests know this is their space in which to feel at home.

Beyond the eye-catching space and epic overall experience, the menu alone can set Agave & Rye apart from the traditional restaurant taco experience.  With these new locations, the Agave & Rye team will be launching new menu items, alongside their famous Epic tacos featuring unusual ingredients such as truffled lobster mac n’ cheese, kangaroo, mac n’ cheese pancake beignet, puffy tacos, birria tacos and ramen and more. Signature epic cocktails also offer a mix of modern and traditional, from Jalapeño Pineapple Margaritas to Black Cherry, Mango & Habanero Slushies. All juices are squeezed fresh daily.  Fresh, made-from-scratch recipes with only the best ingredients available offer inventive ways for guests to enjoy expertly crafted food, bite-by-bite and sip-by-sip.

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