Continuing the exciting year at the two-star Michelin-rated destination, Acadia's Chef Ryan McCaskey announced that the lauded South Loop restaurant will now utilize the Tock reservations and ticketing system. A revolutionary trend gaining momentum, the smooth ticketing system through Tock allows diners to secure reservations and pay for experiences on a flexible pricing scale in advance, allowing diners to focus on enjoying their meal from start to finish. Following a four-star review from Chicago Tribune’s Phil Vettel, Chef McCaskey and his team present an effortless way to discover Acadia’s cuisine.
The innovative Tock system, launched by restaurateur Nick Kokonas in early 2015, offers a structure that is fast, scalable, and maintainable for restaurants and guests. Those booking dining reservations at Acadia are able to choose their menu—a 10-course or five-course tasting menu—opt for wine pairings, and handle payment all prior to stepping through the door, with flexible pricing based on the day of the week and time of reservation. Tasting menus average $175 per person (additional $125 for wine pairings) for ten courses and $115 per person (additional $85 for wine pairings) for five courses. Gratuity will be eliminated in the dining room, replaced with a 23 percent service fee, all in the effort to promote a relaxing, unencumbered meal.
While some ticketing systems at restaurants may leave guests weary of being locked in, Tock honors reservations for one year in the event that a diner must reschedule. With Tock, the goal is for flawless restaurant visits benefiting the consumer and the restaurant simultaneously, and Acadia is excited to make the transition.
“Tock’s insightful analytics allow restaurants like ours to get to know guests better, providing the ability to offer truly exceptional experiences,” says Chef/Owner Ryan McCaskey. “I believe this is the future of reservations for fine dining.”

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