Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant announced the introduction of No Antibiotics Ever, 100 percent vegetarian fed chicken to their menu. The better tasting, better-for-you protein, is now available across all U.S. locations.

“Our obsession with providing the best ingredients for guests to experience the unique flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine is a prerequisite for any partnership with a food supplier,” says Robert Lin, president and Chief Executive of Abuelo’s. “With the right partner in place, we can now offer new options that feature juicy and delicious clean label chicken.”

Dedicated to providing fresh, health-conscious Mexican cuisine, Abuelo’s has built a partnership with Coleman Natural in order to source the highest-quality chicken raised with No Antibiotics Ever and fed a 100 percent vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. Coleman’s industry-leading “Farm-to-Fork” program employs a responsible animal-care program and ensures complete traceability through every aspect of production and processing.

Abuelo’s has 37 full-service restaurants located in 13 states—all of which are now serving their new premium, No Antibiotics Ever chicken. Customers can experience it for themselves in Abuelo’s fajitas, salads and specialty chicken entrées. Abuelo’s will be featuring even more chicken-based specialties in its summer menu to highlight this premium product.

Abuelo’s dedication to excellent food and service has secured a ranking as the #1 Mexican Restaurant in America since 2006. Their addition of premium chicken is part of Abuelo’s continuing commitment to provide healthy and delicious menu options for restaurant-goers who can’t always find a good choice due to allergies, dietary preferences or a lack of creative and flavorful options.

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