Abeles & Heymann (www.abeles-heymann.com), a purveyor of premium kosher deli, has incorporated a new technology into its packaging of sliced deli meats that helps to keep products fresher for a longer amount of time. According to CEO Seth Leavitt, Abeles & Heymann is the first American kosher provisions company to be using the technology for kosher sliced (beef) deli.

“The technology is known as Modified Atmosphere Packaging or MAP, and it is a way of extending the shelf life of fresh food products. Typically, MAP increases the shelf life of processed meats from between two and four days to two to five weeks. We are pleased to be using this cutting-edge technology to deliver the freshest products possible to consumers,” says Leavitt.  The packing process provides maximum benefits naturally, for longer food storage and saving money.

The New Jersey based deli company, known for its award-winning secret recipes handed down by original owners Oscar Abeles & Leopold Heymann, is using MAP on all its sliced deli including pastrami, corned beef, turkey and salami.

Consumers can find Abeles & Heymann products at Costco and BJ’s, national chain supermarkets such as Stop & Shop, Shoprite, Kroger, Ralph’s, and Acme, as well as independent kosher stores coast to coast.

Best known for their plump and delicious hot dogs, Abeles & Heymann also makes beef fry, kishka, cervelat, knockwurst, cocktail franks, and unsliced salami, corned beef and pastrami. They also offer chipotle franks, a line of uncured hot dogs with no nitrates or nitrites added, as well as uncured hot dogs with reduced fat and sodium.

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