Kitchen managers and chefs have a number of daily responsibilities, including ensuring dishes are clean and spot free. In an effort to help improve productivity and manage operational costs, 3M Food Service Supplies recently launched two new product offerings in its Scotch-Brite Scour pads and sponges with POWER DOT technology—the Scotch-Brite Low Scratch Scour Pad 2000HEX and the Scotch-Brite Low Scratch Scour Sponge 3000HEX.

The dual-purpose pads provide kitchen managers with a 2-in-1 cleaning tool designed to clean a wide variety of surfaces where minimal scratching is desired such as: stainless steel surfaces, pans, countertops and ceramic tile. Both pads feature a proprietary raised POWER DOT side that is engineered to scour away tough messes like a medium duty pad but with less visible scratches, while also preventing food particles from becoming trapped in the pad – keeping the scour pad cleaner longer.

In addition, the Scotch-Brite 2000HEX features a dark blue side that helps remove fine food particles giving dishes a virtually spotless finish, and the Scotch-Brite 3000HEX includes a light blue cellulose sponge side that contains antimicrobial technology to resist the growth of odor-causing bacteria in the sponge.

“We know that restaurant operators and facility managers are being faced with escalating labor costs and need cleaning tools that get the job done faster to reduce labor and bottom line costs,” says Carolina Bautista-Brown, 3M Marketing Manager. “From aluminum pots and pans to virtually any stainless steel surface, we are excited to offer a set of affordable cleaning tools that will effectively clean most tough messes.”

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