1000 Stories, California’s original bourbon barrel-aged wine producer, has officially launched its newest wine – Prospectors’ Proof Cabernet Sauvignon. Joining the flagship Zinfandel and red blend, Gold Rush Red, Prospectors’ Proof is available for purchase through the brand’s website and retailers across the country as of March 1, 2019.

Following in the steps of Gold Rush Red and the flagship Zinfandel, the Prospectors’ Proof is a tribute to the explorers who flocked to the American West and exemplified adventure and optimism. These same characteristics guided winemaker Bob Blue, resulting in a signature 1000 Stories wine, which offers classic Cabernet flavors of cherries and currant, underscored by a nuanced thread of graphite. The unique barrel aging process imbued the wine with hints of burnt sugar, vanilla, dried herbs and a touch of smokiness.

“The strong backbone of Cabernet Sauvignon creates a versatility we are excited to explore in each new batch and vintage of Prospectors’ Proof,” says winemaker Bob Blue. “It was a natural next step to introduce our bourbon barrel-aged Cabernet Sauvignon, an especially well-suited varietal for the market due to its well-balanced complexity.”

Rodrigo Maturana, Vice President of Marketing for Fetzer Vineyards, notes market feedback as the driving force behind Cabernet Sauvignon, a leading variety in the bourbon barrel-aged category. “Many consumers have a clear affinity for bourbon barrel-aged Cabernet Sauvignon, holding 42% of the Spirits Barrel Aged category,” elaborates Rodrigo. “On top of that, Cabernet Sauvignon is the second fastest growing varietal in the ultra-premium category and we want to ensure we continue our role as innovators in bourbon barrel-aging with a growing portfolio of wines.”

The Prospectors’ Proof Cabernet will retail for $18.99.

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