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Best practices allow restaurants to create happier environments, employees.

Human resources directors have become increasingly vital to restaurant companies, taking on more responsibility and playing a larger role in their organizations. New technologies, science, a hypercompetitive environment and prickly economic challenges all have contributed to bringing people issues front and center.

Looking forward, several human resources experts are predicting that the job market is going to tighten up sooner rather than later, contrary to popular belief.

“A lot of people are being naïve to think that the labor market is going to be frothy. I think they are gravely mistaken,” says Nate DaPore, president and chief executive of People Matter, a talent management platform and the endorsed partner of the National Restaurant Association.

Nate DaPore
president and chief executive of People Matter

“The operators that don’t innovate are going to have a very hard time attracting and retaining talent. On the flip side, if you can’t maintain good talent, your costs are going to be very high. We are heading to a very expensive labor market.

“My prediction is that it is going to be really, really challenging by the end of 2012.”

There is also data to back up DaPore’s claim. The People Report Workforce Index, which surveys recruitment difficulty, staffing levels and other employment pressures, has been steadily increasing for the past two years, and is already approaching 2008 levels.



I just started working for Victoria's Secret and I can't tell you how happy I am.  My management staff has cultivated this amazing community at our store and everyone is kind and helpful.  This has been one of the most positive work experiences of my life. 

Awesome insights... Thanks for sharing!


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