For Alice Elliot Developing And Mentoring Talent Is Way of Life

Nicole Miller Regan, G.J. Hart, Alice Elliot; Christopher Metz,  and Edna Morris
Nicole Miller Regan, G.J. Hart, Alice Elliot; Christopher Metz, and Edna Morris

Her industry stature is legend, as is her penchant for 'changing lives.'

Restaurant leadership has undergone some big changes over the past quarter century.

As the foodservice business grows more complicated and global, executives find themselves broadening their areas of expertise and digging deeper into an ever-expanding toolbox of skills to meet a mushrooming mass of daily challenges.

But through it all, one element has remained constant: talent. And finding people with the right stuff–as well as nurturing them–is where Alice Elliot has excelled.

“She has a way to zero in on people’s best talents,” says Edna Morris, managing director and leader of the restaurant strategy practice at Axum Capital Partners, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based private equity firm focused on restaurants and education services.

“Alice listens so well to your dreams, and she is always a great sounding board,” adds Morris, who, like hundreds of others, considers Elliot a personal friend as well as a business confidant. “She is especially good at seeing how a talent fits an organization.”

Alice Elliot

Title: Founder and CEO, The Elliot Group, Tarrytown, New York

Home: Westchester County, New York

Family: Husband, Gary, who owns a residential real estate company; two children, both in their early 20s

Education: University of Colorado at Boulder, B.A., American history

Favorite food to cook: Anything that gets everyone around the table

Favorite food to eat out: Ice cream

Guilty pleasure: I love to read, walk, and explore

Best advice: Never lose your compass point

Hobbies: Reading newspapers and magazines

Hero: Everyone has his or her own unique gift. I learn something from everyone

Stature in the industry is gigantic

Despite her being about 5 feet tall, Elliot’s stature in the restaurant industry is gigantic. For three decades as an expert on and developer of human capital, the native New Yorker has become a mighty force in foodservice and other industries.

She’s done that by getting to know people, one at a time. She looks forward to, as she calls it, “breaking bread” with friends or new acquaintances to learn more about them.

“We really do drink the Kool-Aid of changing people’s careers and therefore changing people’s lives,” says Elliot, founder and chief executive of headhunting firm The Elliot Group. “There’s no replacement for human capital and no replacement for leadership.”


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