Top 10 Full-Service Franchise Opportunities

Wild Wing Café

FSR spotlights the best buys in restaurant franchises.

Full-service restaurants account for 5 percent of all franchised establishments in the U.S., notes Rick Bisio, franchise consultant and author of The Educated Franchisee. And while opportunities abound, full-service restaurants remain a capital-intensive venture. “Only the hotel industry is more expensive to franchise,” he says. “However, it’s a highly scalable model. With money and management capability, you can build an empire.”

To help identify the best values, FSR turned to leading franchise advisors and analysts for their insights and granular perspectives. What we learned is that the best franchise for one could easily be a poor choice for another restaurateur. Individual resources, capabilities, and business objectives weigh into the decision and value is a relative qualifier—often associated merely with ROI, but better defined by the managerial expertise of the franchisor, the support offered franchisees, the strength and timeliness of the brand, and the ingenuity and applicability of the business model.

The 10 restaurant brands identified here represent value propositions that include a mix of established, expanding, and emerging concepts.



I am looking at ASAP a good dine in Restaurant Franchise


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