Emmi Roth, an industry-leading cheesemaker, has officially opened its doors at the company’s new headquarters in Stoughton, Wisconsin. The new 158,000-square-foot building also houses Emmi Roth’s new state-of-the-art conversion facility, which will cup, bag, wedge, shred, and crumble the company’s cheese products for a variety of leading brands.

In 2021, Emmi Roth acquired the Athenos business, including the No. 1 feta brand in America, strengthening the company’s long-standing dedication to the specialty cheese industry. With the acquisition came the need for more conversion and distribution capabilities.

“After several years of planning and construction, we are happy to finally be up and running at our new home in Stoughton,” said Tim Omer, president of Emmi Roth. “Our team has worked tirelessly over the past two years to make this dream a reality, which will significantly impact our business and our ability to better serve our customers.”

The facility enables Emmi Roth to control more of its supply chain and improves the U.S. cheese industry’s overall conversion landscape.