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Popmenu Survey: Consumers Still Supporting Restaurants Despite Inflation

Despite increasing food and energy prices and tighter budgets, U.S. consumers continue to actively support local restaurants with 58% stating that they are eating restaurant food more often this year compared to 2021. Recognizing financial hardships restaurants have endured, the majority of consumers stated that they are ok with restaurants raising menu prices—though value remains […]

Study: 29 Percent Say its Cheaper to Order from Restaurants

In the midst of inflation, soaring energy and food costs and talks of a potential recession, restaurant meals remain a staple in consumer diets. On average, 40% of individual or family food budgets is spent on restaurants each month, according to Popmenu’s nationwide survey of 1,002 consumers in May 2022. When ordering online, one-third (33%) […]

Hormel Foods Highlights Growing Culinary Trends

It’s no surprise that consumer preferences about food shifted widely during the past two years as people reprioritized what mattered most to them. Some cemented new food routines, while others strengthened their resolve to use brands that align with their core values. Fortune 500 global branded food company Hormel Foods Corporation tapped the company’s innovation and […]