Genghis Grill, the popular Mongolian stir-fry chain under parent company Craveworthy Brands, has announced a partnership with Flybuy, the leading location-driven productivity platform, to automate their off-premise experience. The partnership comes after a successful pilot program with Flybuy, which has already been proven to improve the customer experience, lower wait times, and boost their sales metrics by driving repeat customer visits.

The partnership with Flybuy allows Genghis Grill to receive real-time updates on customer arrivals, enabling them to prepare orders just in time for pickup. It has helped staff operate at a nearly perfect efficiency rate and wait times have decreased by 43%, which have drastically improved the overall guest experience.

“We are thrilled to partner with Flybuy to enhance our off-premise operations and provide a better experience for our customers,” said Jeremy Theisen, Chief Growth and Development Officer at Craveworthy Brands. “The results of our pilot program have been outstanding, showing an increase in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction scores, and order volume. We look forward to utilizing Flybuy for all Craveworthy Brands concepts in the near future.”

In addition to leveraging Flybuy to predict arrival times of incoming customers, Genghis Grill uses Flybuy to predict the arrival of incoming delivery drivers. Using Flybuy for delivery service provider optimization has eliminated bottlenecks within restaurant lobbies, freed up parking spots, and reduced disruptions to staff and dine-in customers.

Flybuy also fuels Genghis Grill’s virtual brand, Wow Bao, which is a special delivery-only menu available on delivery marketplaces. Wow Bao orders are funneled through Flybuy, and the Flybuy Dashboard displays all Genghis Grill and Wow Bao orders in order of urgency. The kitchen can effectively manage the influx of dine-in and off-premise customers and prepare orders based on exact arrival times.

“We are excited to welcome Genghis Grill into the Flybuy family and provide their customers with a more efficient and seamless experience,” said Marc Wallace, CEO and Co-Founder of Flybuy. “Our technology is designed to enhance the restaurant experience, and we are thrilled to see the quick results of our partnership with Genghis Grill.”

Genghis Grill is leveraging Flybuy at all locations, with plans to expand to all of Craveworthy Brands.

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