5 Ways to Grow Your Culinary Skills Online

No tasting? No problem. Virtual learning is here for the culinary industry.

No tasting? No problem. Virtual learning is here for the culinary industry, even without smell-o-vision (or whatever the taste equivalent would be.) In the restaurant industry especially, busy professionals don’t have time for classes on campus during the afternoon. Learning online allows them to take it at their own pace. Here are some favorites among professionals, whether they’re seeking certifications or just to brush up on some skills with a leader they admire.

Le Cordon Bleu
When it comes to online culinary degrees, Le Cordon Bleu is the real deal. The school offers Associate’s Degrees in culinary operations, and hospitality and restaurant management, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in culinary management—all fully online. Offerings span front-of-house to back. The program allows access from anywhere, anytime, and is ideal for those already in the industry who are working full- or part-time. Lessons are taught through presentations, discussion forums, chat sessions, assignments, and group projects.

Escoffier Online
Escoffier’s online international culinary academy is a top contender for certifications. Students can enroll in a culinary arts program, receive a pastry arts diploma, and brush up on the fundamentals in each area. The Culinary Arts Program lasts 13 months online and is touted as a fit for working professionals. Interactive courses are delivered by professional chef instructors. Students can participate in live classroom discussions as well as learn the business-side of the industry. The Pastry Arts Program has six virtual learning modules for each assignment: research, discuss, plan, experience, reflect, and feedback.

Rouxbe bills itself as the world’s best online culinary school, and industry pros agree with the hype. What’s Rouxbe’s hook? Brick and mortar culinary schools are closing their doors around the world, which we’ve seen to be true. Several culinary schools have closed their doors since FSR updated its directory of schools. Rouxbe delivers professional culinary education entirely through high-definition videos with peer support and interactive assignments. Programs are available for individual training, industry group training, and targeted training for health and wellness professionals. Certification is available for professional cooks and plant-based professionals.

Master Class
What’s second-best to learning from episodes of Hell’s Kitchen? Gordon Ramsay’s own kitchen in high-definition. No time to visit Alice Waters and Thomas Keller in California? Catch them online—Wolfgang Puck, too. Master Class provides video lessons, a class workbook, and “office hours.” Students can upload videos to get feedback from classmates and the star chef they’re working with. Like Rouxbe, Master Class is available through any browser. Master Class also provides special content for iPhone and iPad users.

International Association of Culinary Professionals
As restaurateurs know today, it can take many lines of business to stay in business. While the International Association of Culinary Professionals won’t teach you how to cook, it will give you new skills to combine with cooking. Need help creating content for your Instagram? There’s a webinar for that. Thinking about releasing a cookbook? There’s a webinar for that, too. The IACP also provides fellowship through events and social networking that allows industry pros to learn from each other.

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