Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social's Connoisseurs Cup Punch

Patrick Williams, head of Punch Bowl Social’s beverage program, shares his crowd-pleasing punch recipe.

2 cups Breckenridge Gin

1/2 cup Dolin Blanc Vermouth—needs to be Dolin Blanc, do not substitute another dry vermouth.If Dolin Blanc is unavailable, source Lillet Blanc, which is a little easier to acquire.

2 cups Teakoe’s Kodiak Mountain Mint

1 cup lavender syrup (to make syrup, steep dried lavender petals in hot simple syrup).

1 tablespoon to 1 cup of simple syrup. Steep for an hour, strain and chill.

1 cup fresh lemon juice—needs to be fresh squeezed the day you make the punch.