Elton Keung

Cinderella Milk Tea

This creamy tea beverage by Elton Keung and Rich's Foodservice will delight guests with a rich flavor profile.

With tea's growing popularity on beverage menus and increased consumption by younger consumers, such as millennials, tea-based beverages are also poised for growth. 


1 tea bag Darjeeling black tea

3 oz Rich’s Crème Anglaise Vanilla Sauce

2 oz honey                                                                

6–12 dashes cinnamon



1. Brew the tea for 7–10 minutes.

2. Put 3 Rich’sCrème Anglaise Vanilla Sauce and honey into a 24-oz cocktail shaker and stir with a little hot water.

3. Shake cinnamon into the cocktail shaker.

4. Add ice until the shaker is ¾ full. Add tea and shake.

5. Serve in a 24-oz cup with boba.

Yields 1 serving.

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