Boston Burger Company

Boston Burger Company customers can now create the brand's dishes at home through meal kit delivery.

Boston Burger Gets Into the Meal-Kit Game

Boston Burger Company saw a void in the meal-kit marketplace that is awash with healthy, vegetable-heavy meals.

So the casual-dining brand with three locations decided to get into the market, offering customers what it calls “indulgent comfort food” with its BurgaBox delivery system. “BurgaBox is something that is memorable,” says co-founder and owner Chuck Sillari. “A Blue Apron box is good for a Tuesday night when you are home alone and are just cooking to eat. A BurgaBox is an event. Get the kids in the kitchen to help cook, crack a beer, grab the phone, and start taking pics.” 

Boston Burger does most of the work in its kitchen—whether it’s creating sauces, grilling onions, or preparing mac and cheese—and packs it with simple instructions for the home cook. The brand offers monthly subscriptions and features a new burger, fries, and mac and cheese each month, including some of the restaurant favorites such as the WTF Burger, Mac Attack, and the Hot Mess. Other popular meal-kit items have been the Muffaletta Burger with salami, mortadella, capicola, and olive salad, and the Pastrami Tsunami with homemade pastrami, Thousand Island dressing, grilled onions, and pickles.

Sillari says that when the service started last year the majority of its customers were from Massachusetts, and now most of the people ordering meal kits are from other states. “I don’t necessarily think more people are dining at home now than before because restaurants are busy and there are new restaurants popping up every day,” he says. “I do think that when people dine at home they want something more exciting and more convenient. Meal kits let them avoid the hassle of going to the store, planning a meal, and then having to cook. BurgaBox allows them to cook at home and try things that they would normally never make at home.”