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There are a number of things chains can do to put their best foot forward on consumer review sites.

TripAdvisor's 5 Tips for Online Success

TripAdvisor's Mark Goloboy breaks down how restaurants can win on consumer review sites.

Great restaurant brands are known for their quality and consistency. TripAdvisor Restaurant Marketing Leader Mark Goloboy thinks that’s as important online as it offline.

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“Diners visit their favorite chain restaurants over and over again, because they know exactly what to expect from the experience from one location to the next,” said Goloboy. “To fill even more tables, chain restaurants should foster that same sense of quality and consistency online. How? The good news is that there are a number of things chains can do to put their best foot forward on consumer review sites like TripAdvisor:

  1. Actively monitor online consumer reviews for every location: Chains should have a streamlined process for monitoring online consumer reviews for every one of their locations and should designate specific team members to flag and address concerns and to share feedback trends with the rest of the staff. Positive feedback can be a great motivator.
  2.  Register as an owner for free on TripAdvisor: Restaurant managers and franchisees at each location can register as an owner for free on TripAdvisor to begin updating their listing page and responding to consumer reviews and opinions. 
  3.  Standardize how the chain responds to consumer reviews: From top down, chains should institute a standardized process for how all their locations respond to online diner reviews. Determine in advance who will take the lead, what tone of voice will they use, what is or is not on brand, etc. This should all be determined in advance so when it’s time to respond, there’s already a plan in place. This shows consumers the chain has a consistent approach to responding to their feedback.
  4. Thank your customers for the feedback: Use Management Responses to consumer reviews as an opportunity to thank consumers for their feedback and extend your hospitality online. To learn more about what makes a great response, click here (
  5.  Track consumer review trends over time: At both the corporate and location levels, restaurant management should keep track of consumer feedback trends. Are reviews trending more positive? Are they trending negative? Are there specific things diners keep mentioning? Another thing to track is how individual locations’ review ratings compare to other locations in the same chain.

This can all go a long way in ensuring the consistency diners expect from their favorite brands.