SCA Tork’s 2012 Green Business Survey: ‘Green’ and ‘Sustainable’ the New Norm

The “green” movement has become a pressing issue in multiple industries, particularly in restaurants and food service. Restaurateurs have to decide how they will effectively incorporate sustainability into their business practice. These concerns are reflected in SCA’s fourth Green Business Survey which clearly shows that the green movement is not a trend and that consumers expect brands they trust to make a commitment to sustainability. SCA is a global personal hygiene product company ranked as one of the world’s most sustainable companies and maker of the Tork Brand.

Sustainability has stood the test of time

The 2012 Green Business Survey shows that Americans expect businesses to adopt green practices, especially in the restaurant industry. More than two thirds of American adults purchase green products or services, and 48% of them do so because it is better for the environment. Forty-two percent of the respondents feel that green products are just getting started, and nearly one third (32%) feel that green products are the norm. According to Tork’s Sustainability Communications Manager, Mike Kapalko, “The availability of green products and services is not a fad, but expected.”

Sustainability is recognized by customers

U.S. adults pay close attention to how green a business is, especially ones they frequent. The vast majority of adults (82%) are knowledgeable about which companies have a strong history of sustainability, and 73% say they are able to verify if a brand’s product or service is truly green. The survey also suggests that green designations on menus or store shelves is the best way a company can show its commitment to sustainability. Making your restaurant’s sustainability efforts public is good for business – 52% percent of U.S. adults would rather eat at a green, sustainable restaurant and expect to pay more, which shows an associated premium with environmentally friendly products and services.

What can we learn?

The 2012 Green Business Survey shows that sustainable business practices are expected, even in a struggling economy. Consumers view green products and services as high quality and would choose to dine at a sustainable restaurant, even if it costs a little more. They pay close attention to sustainability when making purchases; so businesses should highlight their commitment to being green, especially in an industry as competitive as the restaurant industry.

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