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How can you make your food stand out from the crowd?

Do Your POP Displays Measure Up?

They help draw customers’ attention to a product they may have overlooked before.

One of the most under-utilized tools in restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores are point-of-purchase displays, more commonly referred to as POP displays. POP displays can attract customers’ attention with eye-catching graphics, creative fonts, and vivid colors to entice customers to make last-minute purchases at their time of checkout. They are usually placed near the point-of-purchase (registers or kiosks) as well as near the products they are promoting.

Benefits of an Effective POP Display

Draw Customers’ Attention

POP displays help draw customers’ attention to a product they may have originally overlooked in a store or restaurant. They are an effective way to promote and highlight LTOs, seasonal offers, or upsell items.

Increase Sales

POP displays also help with in-store purchase decisions. Point-of-Purchase Advertising International says that 90 percent of in-store purchase decisions increase with a POP display. Another study, this one conducted by Brigham Young University, found that displays with signs outperformed displays without signs by 20 percent.

Educate Your Customers

An informational POP display can help inform your customers of information you want them to better understand or remember. This can include things like:

  • LTO promotions for special pricing or products
  • New services and products
  • Loyalty and reward programs
  • Your web address and phone number
  • Customer testimonials or success stories
  • List out product benefits/highlights
  • Where they can find you on social media

Cost-Effective Marketing

According to Harvard Business Review, POP displays are more cost-effective than traditional media advertising such as print ads or commercials because POP displays have comparatively lower production and installation costs than other marketing channels.

Upsell/Cross Sell Opportunities

Upselling and cross selling are common sales approaches often integrated into your POP displays. Include add-on options to your menu for items like desserts and beverages. Customers are more likely to add whipped topping or fresh fruit to their dessert order if they see the option right on the menu for a small additional fee.

What Components Make up a Successful POP Display?

One important factor in maintaining brand awareness and generating attention from customers when they are shopping inside a store or restaurant is having a well-designed POP display for your product. These displays should have visually appealing graphics, bite-sized content, and offer a call to action and on-brand messaging. 

Visually-Appealing Graphics

With any piece of advertising, making the customer stop and pay attention is the biggest goal. You can achieve this by creating visually appealing graphics on your POP displays. Stunning images and clever fonts help draw wandering customers to look at your display. A great display is like having a salesperson for your company in the store.

Bite-Sized Content

The worst thing you can do is overwhelm the customer with too much information on the display. Too much text can leave the customer bored and confused. Your messaging should be clear, persuasive and direct.

Call to Action

Within your text, include a call-to-action message to increase the chances that the customer will pick up your product and take it with them to the register.

On-Brand Messaging

The messaging and design of your POP displays should fit with the packaging on the product. You don’t want to leave customers confused and wondering if the display goes with your product.

Must-Have POP Signage

There are a lot of different POP displays that you can choose to place in a store. At the end of the day, you need to choose which one will be the best and most effective to sell your product. Here are some potential POP materials that can help.

Counter Cards

Counter cards are helpful in persuading a customer to make an impulse purchase. It is important to remember that 70 percent of purchase decisions aren’t made until the customer is in the store, so persuasive messaging at checkout can help entice customers to spend more. Counter cards come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are an excellent way to promote an LTO or seasonal promotion.

Register Displays

Who hasn’t made a last-minute purchase while you wait to pay your bill in the check out line? A register display probably played an impact on your decision. Having a display in the check out line is great for getting customers to make one final impulse purchase. It also keeps the customer stimulated while waiting to pay for their other products.

Ceiling Danglers

One of the least utilized and available spaces in a store is the ceiling. Consider using POP signage that you can hang from the ceiling to attract interest in your product. But do your own research on the store or restaurant to make sure the lighting is suitable for hanging displays.

Gift Card Display

Gift cards have become an increasingly popular gift around the holidays. A holiday-themed POP display for your gift cards have been found to be an effective way to reach consumers during the gift-giving season.

Window Graphics & Clings

If your point-of-purchase is near a window or uses glass dividers, window graphics and clings can be a great way to advertise promotional products and use up prime available real estate.

How Can I Improve my POP Displays?

Invest in Professional Design

You may think you can create a POP display on your own in Photoshop, but hiring a professional designer will save you time, hassle and guarantee you a professional looking design that matches and promotes your brand and conveys a clear, concise message.

Use a Professional Print Shop

It’s important to work with a professional print company to produce store signage and graphics rather than an over-the-counter printer like Vistaprint or Fastsigns. A professional print company will have the knowledge of the industry, equipment, and print experience to help you choose the best material type and specifics for your POP display.

Update Displays Regularly

Don’t let your POP displays stagnate in your restaurants or grocery stores for too long. Update them on a seasonal basis. Keeping your graphics fresh and up to date will help your restaurant always feel new. As a rule of thumb, you should update your POP signage every 2-3 months.

Free Samples

If you sell novelty food, free samples are a great addition to POP displays. Free samples give customers a chance to taste test (and fall in love with) your product without having to purchase. A happy customer is a customer who is more willing to spend.

Go 3D

Have more floor space? Dedicate an area of your store to a 3D display where customers can walk through and experience your product first hand like Milka did with their chocolate display.

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