Top Food Safety News

NRAEF Pushes Food Safety Month

This year’s theme “Keep Hands Clean with Good Hygiene” focuses on proper handwashing procedures and how to emphasize their importance within the workplace. “We are thrilled to offer yet another great way for operators to get involved in National Food Safety Education Month,” Mary M. Adolf, president and chief operating officer of the NRAEF, says […]

Hormel’s New TrueTaste Technology Pairs Food Safety and Flavor

The food processor’s proprietary TrueTaste technology eliminates the need for chemical preservatives in sliced deli meats. Hormel Foods today revealed that it will no longer rely on chemical preservatives like sodium lactate, potassium lactate, and sodium diacetate to process its Bread Ready sliced meats line. Instead, the company will use a high-pressure system it calls […]

Are You Concerned About Food Safety?

There is some anecdotal evidence floating about in Chicago that suggests not all operators make food safety a high priority and consequently employ a reactive rather than proactive approach. Every restaurant operator, quick-serve or otherwise, needs to be concerned about food safety. There is some anecdotal evidence floating about in Chicago that suggests that not […]

AFC Promotes Food Safety Studies

The AFC Foundation has presented a $10,000 gift to the Morehouse School of Medicine. This contribution will provide partial student scholarships and help purchase laboratory equipment and computers. Since 1997, several staff members of Morehouse School of Medicine have served as medical advisors for the Food Safety Management Team of AFC Enterprises and its operating […]