Gunshow announced that Cody Chassar has been named the beloved Glenwood Park restaurant’s new chef de cuisine. Chassar, an industry veteran, most recently served as sous chef at Gunshow and at parent company Red Beard Restaurants’ BeltLine destination Cold Beer. He also is a veteran of many of our country’s most highly lauded restaurants, including The Catbird Seat and Husk Nashville. 

“This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever had the good fortune to experience,” says Chassar. “There aren’t many restaurants where guests get to enjoy this kind of a connection to the staff and the food. It’s really special to be a part of that, and my goal is to help every one of our chefs to execute their visions and create a memorable experience that can’t be duplicated.”

“Cody really gets Gunshow; he understands the history and what makes it special,” says Red Beard Restaurants founder and chef Kevin Gillespie. “Being the chef de cuisine at Gunshow is an incredibly challenging role because the restaurant is meant to be constantly evolving while still embodying the value we put in place when we opened it. We’re extremely fortunate to have a chef of his caliber who can work alongside and mentor our different talents as they conceive and create all these exciting new dishes and uphold our standards for quality, taste and that unique essence that makes a dish a Gunshow creation.”

Gunshow has served up an unmatched culinary experience since first opening its doors 10 years ago. The restaurant provides little separation between guests and the kitchen, offering diners a closer look at how their food is prepared. A rotating team of seven chefs presents freshly prepared dishes of their own creation tableside, and cocktails are prepared and served tableside as well. The menu varies nightly, with each dish remaining on the menu for about three weeks before making way for something new.

“At the end of the day, I’m only as good as the cooks I have in the restaurant,” Chassar says. “A night at Gunshow is like eating at seven different restaurants run by the most talented chefs you’ve ever met. It’s a crazy, chaotic carnival ride of a restaurant where anything is possible. It’s a great joy to get to lead that experience and be the person paving the way for the next generation of great cooks and helping them show what they’re capable of. I truly can’t wait for people to see and taste what we come up with.”

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