Say hello to your new summer crush. Sixty Vines, the restaurant collection known for its revolutionary wine on tap program and vineyard-inspired cuisine, is introducing a new Frozen Aperol Spritz.

Available now at participating Sixty Vines locations, the Frozen Aperol Spritz takes the classic Aperol Spritz to a whole new level. A blend of the timeless Aperol liqueur, Sixty Vines’ carbon neutral Sesenta Cava, zesty orange juice, and a splash of refreshing club soda make up this frosty concoction.

“The Aperol Spritz has been an absolute hit at bars, restaurants, and all across social media this summer,” says Maddie Koelzer, Brand Manager for Sixty Vines. “It’s the perfect drink to make summer moments even more memorable at Sixty Vines.”

As an innovative restaurant brand with a strong commitment to sustainability, each Sixty Vines location boasts a cutting-edge 60-tap wine system that revolutionizes wine service and provides guests with the closest “from the barrel” tasting experience. By serving wine from kegs, the foundation of our tap program, we drastically reduce packaging and waste, as a single keg holds the equivalent of 26 wine bottles. This approach eliminates the excessive use of glass bottles, labels, corks, foil, and shipping supplies associated with traditional wine bottles. At Sixty Vines, we are dedicated to saving the planet, one sip at a time!

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