According to Datassential, 75 percent of consumers will tell other people about an LTO that they tried, and 65 percent of consumers will return to order something else. This sentiment is especially prevalent as full-service restaurants start planning their holiday LTOs. Consumers want nostalgic flavors that are used in interesting new ways. By doing this, full-service restaurants create safe experimentation for their customers.

Reddi-wip® and Swiss Miss® are giving full-service restaurants a unique treat for their LTOs that will help them drive interest across dayparts. That secret ingredient is the new Swiss Miss-flavored Reddi-wip for restaurants, flexible for use in coffee, desserts, and cocktails. Reddi-wip and Swiss Miss are widely recognized names—paired together, they’re a no-brainer for many consumers. 

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Treat Yourself Trends

Post-COVID-19, consumers are looking for any chance to indulge. “A form of chocolate is on over 72 percent of all menus, which includes both desserts and beverages. Chocolate and whipped topping have universal appeal to patrons,” say Chef Patrick Phillips, corporate development chef of foodservice and Joseph Saporito, category marketing manager of foodservice at Reddi-wip, Swiss Miss, and J. Hungerford Smith. Customers want an indulgent treat that they can obsess over, and the Reddi-wip Swiss Miss topping ensures customers can find just that. 

This can especially be seen when looking at the trends for menu items that customers are craving. “Coffee beverages are a staple on over 88 percent of menus, and iced coffee menu penetration has increased 17 percent, while cold brew has had a 95 percent increase in the last four years. So there is a trend in indulgent beverages,” Saporito says. While coffee is drawing in consumers across morning and afternoon dayparts, a decadent chocolate- or espresso-inspired cocktail can be indulged in after a long day. 

“The Reddi-wip Swiss Miss can extend through all dayparts. It can add to indulgent breakfasts, culinary-inspired coffees, be the final touch on a dessert, or be the velvety finish to a cocktail,” Chef Phillips says. Customers will have the option of enjoying this decadent topping, which has a sense of nostalgia that customers will recognize. Whether it is a morning mocha on the way to work or an espresso-chocolate martini after work, Swiss Miss Reddi-wip is adaptive because it pairs so easily with so many different LTO menu items. 

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Increased Customization

According to Tillsters 2023 Phygital Index Report, 92 percent of consumers want personalization options from restaurants. While offering more customizations may drive traffic and interest, it can be a hassle for employees to work with customizations efficiently. This can be regulated by offering easy customizations that enhance menu items. 

“Reddi-wip Swiss Miss creates an appealing visual for your beverage or dessert and offers an exciting option in addition to regular whipped topping,” says Chef Phillips. “Increasing consumer customization allows the consumer to participate in the creative process.” 

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Innovative Yet Comforting

After consumers experience an enjoyable LTO, 82 percent will return to order it again, according to Datassential. Customers want to step out of their comfort zone while still engaging with ingredients they know. Reddi-wip Swiss Miss helps restaurants meet that demand. Customers can immediately recognize both brands and feel confident when choosing a seasonal LTO. 

Many different applications have been created with Reddi-wip Swiss Miss. “Some fun recipe innovations we have seen are double chocolate hot chocolate, double chocolate frozen hot chocolate, hot chocolate waffles with chocolate whipped topping, and frozen toppers like ‘Frozen Snowman’ on ‘Ready Set Eat.’ There is no limit to menu applications or recipes,” Chef Phillips says.

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Whipped Joy: Swiss Miss Edition

The collaboration between Reddi-wip and Swiss Miss has successfully tapped into the power of nostalgia and the indulgent cravings of the post-COVID-19 market. Reddi-wip Swiss Miss created a versatile treat that will allow for easy customization across dayparts that harnesses the growing need for sweet treats. As the culinary landscape evolves, restaurants can leverage these products to offer safe experimentation while engaging customers in the creative process. The nostalgia and adaptability of the product enhance various menu items and excite customers. 

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Image credits:Conagra Foodservice
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