If you aren’t making time to grow you, your business won’t grow.

Why isn’t your restaurant business growing? Are you, as the owner, getting in the way? John Maxwell, arguably one of the greatest leadership experts in the world, talks about the “Law of the Lid.” He says that any organization can only grow to the level of their leader.

Why is it that most restaurateurs don’t make time to read books, listen to podcasts, or do anything related to their own personal growth? I’ve heard a lot of excuses about how they don’t have time. I don’t buy it. Saying you don’t have time to work ON your business (yourself) is as chaotic as when a server in the weeds says they don’t need help, or they are too busy to stop for five seconds and tell you what they need so that you can help.

John Maxwell is 100 percent right. If your business isn’t growing it’s YOU! If you aren’t making time to grow you, your business won’t grow. In this edition of my Shift Happens Column, I’m going to share with you things I’ve done to grow myself, and ultimately grow the restaurants I’ve managed and my coaching business.

  1. READ

I read between six to 10 books a year to help me be a better restaurateur, boss, coach, leader, businessman, husband, and father. For leadership, read anything by Maxwell. Here are 15 industry books I’ve that I highly recommend:


  • Unreasonable Hospitality, by Will Guidara
  • You Can’t Do it Alone, by Matt Rolfe
  • Delivering the Digital Restaurant, by Carl Orsbourn and Meredith Sandland
  • Bullhearted Brand, by Joseph Szala
  • The Restaurant Marketing Mindset


  • Overcoming Impossible, by Robert Irvine
  • My upcoming book, Shift Happens


  • Setting the Table, by Danny Meyer
  • Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain
  • Lessons in Service from Charlie Trotter, by Edward Lawler
  • Restaurant Man, by Joe Bastianich
  • The Great Good Place, by Ray Oldenburg
  • Beverage Biz is Show Biz
  • Ten Restaurants that Changed America, by Paul Freedman
  • The Starbucks Experience, by Joseph A Michelli


For those who say their too busy to read can either listen to the audible book while they drive or to one of these nine podcasts I recommend.

  • Restaurant Unstoppable—Eric Cacciatore
  • Best Served Podcast—Jensen Cummings
  • Tuesday’s Thanks—Brian Proctor
  • QSR Uncut—QSR magazine
  • Hospitality Hangout—Michael “Schatzy” Schatzberg
  • FSR’s The Restaurant Innovator
  • Digital Hospitality—Shawn Walchef
  • The Restaurant Show—Jay Ashton
  • The Hospitality Leadership Podcast—Andy Jones


I recommend the following coaches (excluding myself)

  • Bryan Meredith
  • Alison Anne
  • Scot Turner
  • Jim Taylor
  • Matt Rolfe
  • Adam Lamb

If you want to grow your restaurant empire, you have to start by growing you as the leader. Once that is happening, pour into the leaders that run in each operation and then help them do the same for their teams. If you do this, you will experience unbelievable growth and success.

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