This new publication for chefs, owners, executives, and other leaders of full-service restaurants offers fresh and original coverage of the industry.

Welcome to FSR!

I barely got here before you, but I hope you’ll enjoy reading this issue as much as I’ve enjoyed the whirlwind weeks since I joined this talented FSR team.

My adventure with FSR began with an initial meeting in mid-September, on my birthday actually, which I read as a fortuitous omen. (And yes, going to press with our inaugural issue less than three weeks after starting this position counts as an adventure in my little world.)

Curiosity led me to that meeting, but I wasn’t looking for a career move. Quite the opposite—I loved the 16-plus years I spent writing and editing for the retail industry. But I left that meeting convinced I wanted to be part of building an exciting, respected magazine for full-service restaurants, just as our sister publication, QSR, is in the quick-serve segment.

I could share many reasons why my curiosity turned to conviction, led by my fascination with business-to-business publishing. However, I’ve always written for established, industry-leading magazines, so the idea of creating a new magazine sparked my interest in a different way. There’s serious work to be done here—with lots of experimentation and learning along the way. Just what an editor needs to keep the journalistic adrenaline pumping.

And then there’s the industry. From where I sit, the full-service restaurant industry is a writer’s dream. Few industries pose as many operational complexities and challenges. (I find that invigorating!) All things food and beverage captivate the senses, so stories can be colored with stunning photography and imagery that conjures the aromas, textures, and tastes. And the biggest reason: I love the intimate, people aspect. Sharing and serving meals is a personal, passionate undertaking—as witnessed by Ralph Brennan, whose iconic leadership extends far beyond New Orleans.

Whether it’s curiosity that brings you to these pages or familiarity with the Restaurant Management website launched last year as a prelude to our FSR print coverage, I hope this issue will provide a moment of conviction for you as well—and whet your appetite for the issues unfolding in 2013.

We want to make FSR and our rebranded, online counterpart,, resources that you rely on. Most of all, we want the time you spend with us to be meaningful, relevant, and enjoyable.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and passions about full-service restaurant operations, from soup to nuts—literally! Email or call me any time you have a suggestion for stories, a comment about the magazine, or simply want to make a new friend in the industry.


Connie Gentry

Chef Profiles, Expert Takes, Feature