All the dirt on how to grow your own garnish, transition a rooftop into green space, or create a honey of a buzz.
2014 Buyer's Guide
Bar Botany
Author Amy Stewart explores the plants behind the drinks in her book The Drunken Botanist. With recipes, growing tips, and advice, this book details the intoxicating side of gardening. $19.95
Rain Barrel
Made of the highest-grade plastic, the Brick Wall Rain Barrel provides subtle, sustainable rainwater collection. The grey wall measures 40 inches x 49 inches and holds 105 gallons of water. $626
Honey Production
The buzz is all about beekeeping, a sustainable and innovative way for restaurants to procure their own honey. The Omlet's Beehaus is a honey of a deal, with a full beehive that's perfect for the budding beekeeper. Multiple color options and sleek design make it a fashionable addition to the garden. Bees are also available for purchase. Priced to order.
Backyard Gardening
Colin McCrate and Brad Halm, co-founders of Seattle Urban Farm Co., wrote Food Grown Right, In Your Backyard. The book is a beginner's guide for how to plant, where to plant, and what to plant. $24.95
Vertical Gardening
Take your plants to new heights with Future Growing's Aeroponic Tower Garden. The basic unit requires just 2.5 square feet of space, can be stacked to 8.1 feet, and holds 44 plants. An internal water-based ionic mineral system uses 95 percent less water. Priced to order or retails for $499.
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