It’s hard to refuse technology that makes diners happy, work easy, and off-hours productive—while costing pennies (or less) to implement.
2014 Buyer's Guide
Digital Waitlist
Millions seated already—over 16.5 million and counting—using the NoshList mobile app. Working on iOS and Android, it syncs across multiple platforms and offers unlimited texts or automatic phone calls to alert diners when their table is ready. The basic service is free, the premium app is priced $49 per month.
Discreet Discounts
Give diners a reason to visit in off-hours with GroupOn Reserve, which allows restaurants to offer discounts up to 40 percent. The flexible business model empowers restaurants to adjust discounts and reservations availability to actual demand. And since the discounts are automatically applied with the reservation, the diner's transaction is discreet. Price based on a nominal fee per seated diner.
Informed Seating
Put that iPad to efficient use with a free app designed and supported by QSR Automations. DineTime includes unlimited one-way texting plus management of unlimited call-ahead and walk-in parties across multiple devices. Additionally, the free app allows dynamic guest lookup and provides a 30-day summary dashboard. The fee-based version of the DineTime app, priced $49 per month, adds unlimited two-way texting, a yearly dashboard, and enhanced access to information. New capabilities enable intuitive drag-and-drop seating from the wait list.
Tablet Table Management
Building on its wait list and texting capabilities, the tablet app from QuickCue has been upgraded with a suite of Table Management tools that puts decisions for the entire restaurant in the palm of your hand. Table Management includes floor maps customized to each restaurant and the ability to assign shifts and sections. Simple color cues highlight the status of every table—whether open, seated, dirty, or closed. Fees are $0.01 per guest or $0.05 per party, with a $20 per month minimum.
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