Practicing proper cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces is of utmost importance.

If you work in the foodservice industry, it’s no secret that it is inundated with many different processes and procedures when it comes to keeping an operation clean. Practicing proper cleaning and sanitizing of food contact surfaces is of utmost importance as it prevents cross-contamination, rids an establishment of common foodborne pathogens, allows a restaurant to pass health inspections and most significantly keeps staff and customers safe.

There are three recurring themes that arise when it comes to exploring the challenges with food safety and sanitation:

  • Pathogen control—preventing exposure of food to pathogens like Norovirus and Listeria which could result in foodborne disease illness or outbreak;
  • Operational challenges—ensuring proper and consistent cleaning and sanitation;
  • Increasing need for an effective and efficient cleaning and sanitation system that can be implemented seamlessly across the operations.

The current practice involves the use of multiple products that require proper training for effective cleaning and sanitation. When you add high staff turnover to the mix, the result is inconsistent implementation. More often than not, the required protocol is not being followed.

By simplifying the cleaning process, the daily, weekly and monthly task of deep cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting can help a restaurant succeed on many different levels. Here are five reasons why trading in a typical rag and bucket for a convenient, easy to use all-in-one cleaning product will allow your operation to maintain an effective and efficient cleaning and sanitation system:

  • Simplified cleaning and sanitation system—Using one single product that cleans, sanitizes and disinfects eliminates the use of multiple products for these tasks. Certain all-in-one products are designed to support a protocol that can be consistently deployed across an operation of any size.
  • Requires minimal staff training—using a single cleaning product that cleans, sanitizes and disinfects eliminates cumbersome tasks making it easy to implement and prevent food code violations. Employees are empowered to clean properly at all times without the need for close supervision.
  • Effective pathogen control—an all-in-one cleaning product has the ability to kill common foodborne pathogens including Norovirus and Listeria
  • Saves cost and space—a single cleaning product that is all-in-one simplifies the buying process as well as inventory and storage management; no need to buy or store separate products for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting needs.
  • Versatile—the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting efficacy of an all-in-one product makes it ideal for both front and back of house, as well as food and non-food contact surfaces.

Food safety is an important public health goal of every foodservice establishment but a challenging task to implement without the proper tools. Every small step in the right direction is a major move forward. Using an all-in-one product empowers team members to clean confidently and better position the foodservice establishment to ensure food safety and sanitation at all times.

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