The Lone Star state is drafting up a massive deal this weekend.

Forget the Dollarita. Applebee’s in Texas is taking its discount game a step further, offering 50-cent beers in honor of Black Friday.

From November 24 through November 28 (closing time on Cyber Monday), Apple Texas will slash the already low price of its $1 value draft beers in half. Apple Texas is a franchise partner of Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, and operates 65 restaurants in the Lone Star state.

“We were looking for a way to see more of our neighbors during this prime shopping season,” says Chris Dharod, chief operating officer of Apple Texas, in statement. “These unbelievably affordable double quarter drafts are the perfect addition to a long weekend.”

Apple Texas said it wants to give guests “a reason to skip the mall and instead, take advantage of the free WiFi at all Applebee’s and knock out some online shopping while enjoying a cold beer.”

The restaurants are located in Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Waco, East Texas, and surrounding locations. The 50-cent beers come in 10-ounce cups.

Apple Texas has been an innovator in this space. In March, the operator unleashed a promotion many deemed “fake news.” It was accepting gift cards, certificates, coupons, and so on from literally any business.

Then, on July 1, it announced it was selling 10-ounce margaritas for 50 cents—a price tag it claims was the lowest in Applebee’s history. The next day, through the rest of the month, those same margaritas increased to $1. Hence, the Dollarita.

The move was so popular it actually inspired the entire Applebee’s system to adopt Dollaritas in October. The promotion was wildly popular but also generated mixed feedback.

How will the 50-cent beer promotion fare? It should be an interesting weekend.

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