All eyes are on the plate—presentation and performance at the table determine the diner’s perception of your restaurant.
2014 Buyer’s Guide
Beverage Jars
Top off the meal with a drinking jar reminiscent of days spent canning the fruits of the field and nights spent sipping moonshine. The simple and functional design offers durability, reduces breakage, and is a charming choice for iced teas, lemonades, and infused cocktails. Priced to order.
Mobile POS
Aloha Mobile, an extension of NCR’s Aloha Table Service point-of-sale software, enables tableside ordering and payment, effectively increasing speed to service, order accuracy, and table turns. Integrates seamlessly with NCR devices and numerous mobile hardware platforms. An unexpected perk: Servers report higher tips because customers are more satisfied. Priced to order.
Sure and steady: An innovative handgrip concealed beneath the surface of a non-slip black rubber serving tray stabilizes a server’s hold on the tray. The clip slides flat for easy washing and storing. $22.95
Plug-In Payment-Card Reader
Simply plug the Square payment-card reader into smartphones or iPads to accept card payments on the go—a fast and simple solution for closing out bar tabs or ending the meal without any wait. Be nimble, be quick, and be economical; the reader is free but has a 2.75% per swipe fee.
Pay At the Table
One to watch is Viableware’s mobile wallet solution, RAIL, which replicates the look and feel of leather folders that have long been the standard for delivering a bill to the table. But the real beauty is that guests self-swipe their payment card, retaining possession of the card throughout the transaction, and they can split the bill, calculate the tip, and email a receipt with the touch of finger. Priced to order.
We can talk about the farm-to-table trend ’til the cows come home, but to highlight your home-grown dishes try plating cuisine on classic Farmhouse tableware, in creamy white porcelain with a mismatched appearance that suggests all the nostalgia and warmth of grandmother’s kitchen. Priced to order.
Serving Boards
A gesture of peace and tranquility comes to the table via beautiful Olive Wood Serving Boards, with richly patterned wood that augments any food presentation. Available in two sizes: 15½ inches by 7 inches, $60.20; 17 inches by 9 inches, $77.40. From American Metalcraft,
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