Making eco-friendly choices is good for the planet, for people, and sometimes even for profits.
2014 Buyer's Guide
Managing Food Waste
Turning food waste into water is a creative solution to one of the biggest challenges restaurants face. EnviroPure provides rapid breakdown and removal of food waste on site where the waste is produced, using either a wet or dry system. Both systems provide processing in batch or continual-feed modes, with complete decomposition typically within 24 hours. Available in processing capacities from 150 to 6,000 pounds per day. Priced to order.
Natural Wraps
The Acadia Natural paper line, made from unbleached pulp, is an eco-friendly option for bread bags, carry-out bags, sandwich wraps, and basket liners. Available in standard and also oil- and grease-resistant paper, and priced to order.
Lead-Free Carbonation Process
The V-jet series rotary vane pump heads by Flojet are ideal for serving carbonated or hot beverages in a high-volume operation—and the product churns out drinks even if water pressure is reduced. The V-jet series has zero wetted brass, which means no water comes in contact with lead content, and it is in full compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act that becomes effective January 4, 2014. Priced to order.
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