The partnership will bring delivery to more than 300 restaurants nationwide.

Red Lobster is getting on the delivery boat. The casual-dinning leader announced Tuesday (June 26) an expanded partnership with DoorDash to bring its food to more than 300 locations across the U.S. and Canada by mid-July. Red Lobster said the platform would fully integrate into its current point-of-sale system.


Red Lobster’s mission to better the seafood industry.

Red Lobster hits its stride at 50

The move is another major off-premises investment for Red Lobster, which plans to bring delivery to more than 90 percent of its restaurants through DoorDash, GrubHub, Amazon Restaurants, and other providers. There are currently more than 700 Red Lobster locations.

Red Lobster also plans to continue to enhance to-go offerings. It recently launched online ordering nationwide and has established dedicated parking spots for take-out in many locations. Additionally, Red Lobster updated its packaging to help maintain the integrity of orders.

Red Lobster is expanding the functionality of its My Red Lobster Rewards platform as well to include online ordering.

The off-premises push is another part of an eventful 50th year in business for the iconic brand. Since becoming an independent company in 2014, Red Lobster has opened 22 new restaurants. The chain recently launched a new menu highlighting Tasting Plates, made some significant kitchen upgrades, including new equipment, like lobster & crab pots and sauté stations, and introduced fresh technology to ensure all components of each order finishes cooking at the same time. This $51 million investment in new equipment and back-of-house technology, Red Lobster says, allows the chain to improve the quality of its food and pace of meal.

Back in January, Red Lobster announced its Seafood with Standards commitment. It promised to support best fishing and farming practices with eco-certifications in seafood sourcing around the world. Among the requirements:

  • Traceable … to a known and trusted source
  • Sustainable … only sourced from trusted suppliers who follow industry best practices
  • Responsible … by following Total Allowable Catch (TAC) and other regulatory efforts that manage fish populations, such as fishing quotas, and avoiding serving at-risk species

Red Lobster took it to the next level May 15 when it partnered with The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program.

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