Weather the challenges of outside service with durable products that let you manage to the elements.
2014 Buyer's Guide
Shaded Dining
The Stromboli Offset Umbrella provides shade while maximizing dining space. The durable pole is both practical and elegant, and the canopy comes in dark blue, light blue, rust, coffee, terracotta, yellow, green, ecru, or Bordeaux. Priced to order.
Grill Alternative
Want to cook outside on a stove, instead of a grill? SternoCandleLamp's new portable butane 15,000 BTU output stove is heavy-duty, provides great flame range for any application, and is designed with a wind-block attachment for outdoor cooking. Priced to order.
Outdoor A.C.
The Port-A-Cool Islander is an evaporative cooler for outdoor patios. It can cool up to 30° Fahrenheit, and has varying fan speeds. Requiring a footprint of just 38 square inches, Islander allows for maximum use of patio space. Available in black and white. $2,495
Sitting Pretty
Source Contract's outdoor seating provides comfort and durability in a sleek design. The Grassquit Arm Chair has a powder-coated aluminum frame with a resin wicker seat and back. Priced to order.
Wind Warnings
The Wireless Weather Station monitors storm warnings and local weather—including wind, rain, barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity. It then sends alerts and updates to your phone, tablet, or computer. $280
Outdoor Viewing
Neither rain, snow, wind, nor hail can stop a Peerless fully sealed Ciil TV. The wireless flat-screen TV streams content and can withstand blustery elements and temperatures over 140°F. For easy maintenance, it can even be spray-washed. Available in 42-inch, 47-inch, and 55-inch screens. Priced to order.