As cool-weather beers come into vogue, a fruited wheat beer or tart gose may not have the same appeal by a campfire as it did on the beach—but a rich porter will pair perfectly. One quintessential autumnal beer is märzen, a malty lager that signals the changing season and is perfect for Oktoberfest.

August Schell Brewing Co.
Brewmaster Jace Marti

We are very proud of our German heritageand focus almost exclusively on brewing German-style beers.

Oktoberfest starts with the appearance of the beer: Its bright orange color is very fitting for the season. The slightly higher strength of the beer, the toasty caramel notes from the malt, the light bitterness, and the crisp lager finish all make this a style that lends itself so well to drinking in the cool fall season.

We make a slightly maltier version than most of the ones you will find in Germany, but it’s a very traditional take on the style.

Von Trapp Brewing
Brewmaster JP Williams

Our take on this fest bier is a bit darker than our Bavarian counterparts. We use a darker Munich malt to give it a deep amber color. It leads to a caramel backbone that is almost sweet, like honey.

Any style of amber lager is great in fall. Vienna is a great example—it has a bigger flavor profile and is a malt-forward beer. Hops balance out the beer and we use German noble hops for a peppery fi nish with a nice floral nose.

Another classic is a smoky dark lager, Trösten. It’s a Rauch style, so we use smoked malt and it really is reminiscent of Bavaria in the fall.

Prost Brewing
Co-Owner Troy Johnston

Our business plan and beers have been designed around German brewing practices, and all of our beers follow the Reinheitsgebot.

In the days before refrigeration, märzen was brewed in March, traditionaly the last month to brew before the weather became too warm. The orange-copper color of märzen looks and feels like fall.

Märzen is a maltier beer that finishes clean and dry, and the orange color also identifies a true-to-style märzen. A traditional German sausage or classic Snitzel pairs well with a good märzen.

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