The most popular item on ATLA’s menu in New York City is also one of the most popular dishes in Mexico—chilaquiles. And you can add them to your menu with leftover ingredients.

Chef Daniela Soto-Innes has been popping up seemingly everywhere since her cuisine at ATLA and Cosme in New York City has garnered press and awards. It has been said that this reigning queen of Mexican cuisine loves breakfast. Enter chilaquiles, crispy tortillas typically served with red salsa that are a traditional dish from Mexico.


The dish has been known to cure hangovers, but at ATLA, the chilaquiles become a canvas for trends like healthy upgrades—flaxseeds, avocado, mushrooms and—add your own protein—chicken, or better yet, put an egg on it.

“They’re especially popular because of their versatility—people can enjoy them by themselves or by adding a protein, mushrooms, or avocado,” says Marisol Corona, chef de cuisine at ATLA. “Chef Daniela is always inspired by healthy ingredients and the flaxseeds are an added bonus here. Plus, they taste delicious and look beautiful.”

Chilaquiles double as one of the most popular dishes in Mexico and ATLA’s menu. They can even be made with leftover ingredients. Sourcing for this dish is easy, Corona says. “The ingredients for chilaquiles are very easy to find, you can even use tortilla chips from the market.” Prep is easy, too. To create the dish, fry the tortillas, make the salsa, assemble, and add the garnish.

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