Kerry Kramp joined the nearly 60-year-old chain in 2008.

Long-time Sizzler chief executive Kerry Kramp has left the company, the Mission Viejo, California-based chain said in a statement. Kramp departed “to pursue other business endeavors,” Sizzler explained, adding. “We have used this time to reorganize our support center so that we can better serve our franchisees.”

According to Restaurant Finance Monitor, the move was just part of a larger executive overhaul. Dennis Scott, chief strategic officer, Khaled Bagul, vice president, risk management, leadership development, people support, and culture; Steve McDermott, SVP, finance and analysis; and Tamra Scroggins, director food culture/corporate chef, left as well.

Kramp joined the nearly 60-year-old chain in 2008.

Sizzler replaced Kramp with Kevin Perkins, who is a controlling owner and chairman of Sizzler USA. Perkins was part of a 2011 management-led deal, along with Kramp and Jim Collins, to acquire the brand from Australia’s Pacific Equity Partners. Perkins was named non-executive chairman after the purchase and Kramp continued his CEO duties. Pacific owned Sizzler since 2005 and didn’t include the international operations in the agreement.

To that point, Sizzler had 178 restaurants in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The brand was down from roughly 700 restaurants a few years back and filed for bankruptcy in 1996. There are currently about 115 locations, most of which are franchised.

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